kathryn joseph // the blood

cock and bone is all it took for
my love to be mis put like a light
out in the dark darker hole of
darker heart like a load off in my
mouth and un wanted after birth
and i hear your babys here your
babys here your babys hear your
babies like a mouth full salt and
sweet and you wanted me to eat
like a light out in the dark dark-
er whole of darker parts like a
ship all in did sail to the death
of tooth and nail and I hear your
babys here your babys here your
babys hear your babies and the
wind will blow and the seed be
sown and the made of blood is the
only loved.

kathryn joseph

Keyhole Collection and kathryn joseph bring to you a limited edition letterpress artwork to accompany kathryn’s music. Showcasing new video and more…

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