William Morris ‘N’


Letterpress card depicting a William Morris 'N'

Printed on environmentally friendly board with an antique press.

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
William Morris, The Kelmscott Press and the perfect book, Hammersmith 1896
William Morris Gallery

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The letterpress print process dates back to the 1400s with Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of moveable type. Raised plates are pressed into paper, leaving a tactile impression.

Keyholecollection.com letterpress greeting cards are printed in small batches by hand on a Stevenson Blake proofing press in our Glasgow studio or in larger numbers by our friendly master printer in Dumfries who uses an Antique Heidelberg. We use rubber based inks and eco-friendly board.

Scan the QR code on the back of the card with a smartphone/tablet or type in the URL particular to the card number in your browser, also found on the back of the card. The link will take you to a page containing a little bit of history and links to the archive, museum, library or stately home where it was found and more information about how you might see it and other gems.

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